La Auberge Sedona Proposal // Zach + Ana

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This La Auberge Proposal in Sedona, Arizona is one I absolutely love. As a proposal and wedding photographer, I LOVE proposals curated by The Yes Girls. This incredible destination, nestled amidst Sedona’s red rocks, offers a unique blend of romance and enchantment. Zach spent months planning this gorgeous proposal. He wanted to let his beautiful girlfriend Ana know just how much she means to him. I am always honored to be a part of such an emotion filled and exciting time.

The talented ladies at Sedona Mountain High Flowers transform the Vista Overlook with pastel pink and white floral arrangements. Each bloom is carefully chosen which creates a soft and romantic vibe against the rugged snow-dusted mountains. Ana was so surprised when they were detoured from their dinner reservation to another spot in the resort. Upon seeing the setup and me hiding in the bushes, she rightfully showed some confusion and maybe a little suspicion of what was to come.

Vista Overlook

The Vista Overlook at La Auberge is one of my favorite spots on the property. This unique vantage point allows for not only for stunning images but also an intimate feel amongst such a vast landscape. One of my favorite aspects of proposals at La Auberge is that they ensure every proposal is private by securing the overlook. It also allows me as a photographer have enough space to allow the couple an intimate experience.

The Proposal!

Ornate pastel rugs and a gold and mirror laden drink cart add an extra layer of luxury and whimsy to the whole scene. Zach even created a beautiful book of his and Ana’s yearlong relationship together as a gift before the proposal. The final touch is a delicious bottle of bubbly to celebrate Ana’s resounding “YES!” Ana browsed the book Zach had created and they shared a short slow dance together. Then Zach finally got down on one knee. Months of planning culminated to this very moment.

Box Socks

One of my favorite tips from the ladies over at The Yes Girls is to use a Box Sock. They allow you to hide the engagement ring in a sock! This lets the ring to be hidden where snoopy ladies won’t be checking pockets!

A man shows his Box Socks.

Dinner Time

La Auberge seamlessly transitions couples to an intimate dinner setting. Couples can then celebrate their love surrounded by candlelight and a warm fire. Simultaneously, I am able to spend time capturing a few images of their time together. I enjoy learning about how they met. I learn that they flew all the way from Panama to Sedona (!). Also, Ana is a hair and makeup artist for weddings in Panama (hello fellow industry friend!).

The Yes Girls and La Auberge’s commitment to creating a seamless and romantic experience, coupled with the artistic contributions of Sedona Mountain High Flowers, made Ana and Zach’s engagement a moment they will never forget. Book your Proposal Photography here!

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