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Fun and Laughter on the Beach – Anna and Trevor

A couple walks together holding hands under trees at Butcher Jones beach

I waited to meet Anna and Trevor for their engagement session at Butcher Jones beach last Fall. We had only spoken via emails to plan our time together. But I knew already that we were going to have an amazing time together. Immediately they greet me with smiles and laughter – we’re off to a good start.

Anna twirls to show me her sapphire blue cocktail-length dress and hair adorned with a cute cream-colored bow. Trevor, quietly adoring her, dons a simple black sweater and jeans. I can’t help but feel like I am going to fall in love with these two. Their love radiates from every glance, every touch, and I know that today’s engagement session will be nothing short of magical.

Session time at Butcher Jones

We begin our time together exploring the trail that winds up around the lake. Towering mesquite trees and sunshine are everywhere. It’s Fall in Arizona and the weather is warm but the shade keeps us cool. Anna and Trevor share an effortless chemistry. They are sweet in every sense of the word. Gracious, elegant, classic…those are just some of the words I would use to describe Anna specifically. Every prompt I give they follow with smiles and affection towards on another.

A woman in a sapphire dress smiles into the camera holding her fiance's arm

Outfit Change!

As sunset nears, Anna and Trevor change outfits. This is a great way to get the most out of your engagement session! Anna slips into a cream and black dress that hugs her curves perfectly, while Trevor opts for a light button-down jacket. The sunset creates a soft glow on the lake and my favorite time of day begins – blue hour. We spend our final time of this Butcher Jones engagement session skipping rocks, running down the beach, and letting the worries of the world go for a bit.

Anna and Trevor’s wedding in 2024 promises to be another incredible wedding day with the help of my friend, Sandy of In Awe Weddings. As their wedding photographer, I am honored to have the opportunity to use my experience to document the moments that they will celebrate for years to come.

Want to know more about my excitement and approach to wedding days? Learn more here.

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